Royal Commission into Management of Police Informants

RCMPI featured image

After a Royal Commission spanning nearly two years at a cost of more than $39.5m, WOO collaborated with former Judge Margaret McMurdo to deliver her final report on the former gangland lawyer turned police informant Nicola Gobbo.

WOO Agency was approached by the Royal Commission in 2018 to produce the brand, website, interim and final reports on this incredibly high-profiled case shedding details on how Lawyer X was used as a police informant against the Melbourne underworld.

Working with an extensive team of 8 writers, 4 editors, and 6 designers, we delivered the 1,000-page final report, consisting of 5 volumes, housed in a custom box sleeve, to the Commissioner in time for the hearing.

On 30 November 2020, Commissioner McMurdo delivered her final report and recommendations to the Governor of Victoria, thereby completing the Commission’s work.

The full report and findings can be viewed at  rcmpi.vic.gov.au